About Us

Our mission is to offer complete trading and brokering services for the agricultural market. We have all necessary resources to satisfy the needs of our clients and because our commitment we have become one of the most important companies in this field.

United Grain Grup was born in 2004 and started out in the grain industry by offering brokering services for grain trading to important companies.

In 2008 the company registered an annual turnover of 10.50 millions €. In the first six months of 2009, the company has already registered a turnover of 25 millions € and we estimate that at the end of the year the figures to rase to 40 million € annual turnover.

Company structure:

Bucharest Headquarters

  • Gabriel Barbalau

    General Manager

  • Ioana Barbalau

    Executive Manager

  • Andrabulea Nicoleta

    Execution Chief United Grain

  • Cornel Sasu

    Execution Chief Constantza Port

  • Roxana Manole

    Regional Manager