We are the supplier of a wide range of agricultural products for both national and international partners. We believe that our business success comes from the relationship with our partners.

  • Trading of grains, oilseeds and meal (sunflower, soy, rapeseed);
  • Distribution of seeds and fertilizers;

Services for suppliers:

  • Daily reporting and advising about price variation on the internal and international market;
  • Pre-financing programs;
  • Providing means of logistic support;
  • Insuring a fast logistic flux through strong partnerships with carriers and merchandise reception points;
  • Immediate payment of delivered goods;

Services for customers:

  • Commitment in the execution of signed contracts;
  • Fast cargo delivery according to agreed delivery charts;
  • Our team assure best cargo quality in the unloading and loading points;
  • Brokering services for internal and international partners;
  • Providing trucks for cargo delivery from the field into the silos.

We also offer storage and maneuvering services in authorized rented spaces that we own in Constantza Harbour, Agigea, Moldavia, Dobruja region and South of Romania.

For more details about our products or for possible partnerships or collaboration offers, please contact us.